Tech Tuesday 17/03/2020

NEWS - technology helping after bushfires

With the bushfires this season burning so many trees in Australia, drones might be the answer to rapid replanting. Aussie company, AirSeed Technologies, is in talks with the Australian Government to start trialling their tree planting drones in NSW next month.

The company says that while a person can physically plant 800 seeds a day, their drone technology (which has already been tested in South Africa), can plant up to an 40,000 seeds a day.

The trial will focus on planting native species and monitoring them over two years to help the seedlings have the best chance of survival and reforestation.  The company's goal is to plant 100 million trees globally by 2023.

We love when technology comes together with environmental science in such a positive way!

TIP - how to clean your iPhone

At the moment with the Covid-19 pandemic, we're all being more vigilant about cleanliness. Mobile phones are known to get quite dirty with germs. Here are three ways to keep your phone clean:

  1. You can use disinfectant wipes  - Apple has tested these and found virtually no damage after 1000 wipes
  2. You can use a lint free cloth - like a screen or glasses cleaning cloth - that has been very lightly dampened with soapy water, then use a dry lint free cloth to dry. Don't use paper towel.
  3. You can use a screen cleaning kit which we have available in store.

Keep those germs away and keep your smartphone clean!



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